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Our Fans

When you have social down to a science - you are not limited to a niche sector. Our comprehensive knowledge and on-the-mark strategies allow us to work with a variety of brands and industries. Here is a selection of 'our fans' aka clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with…

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Your Goals = Our Services

Social media is never a one size fits all. Every business has different goals and varying objectives, which is why we offer bespoke packages as well as full social take-overs. Once we’ve identified your goals, we will subsequently recommend the best tools to get there. Below are examples of how we would tailor our service dependent on your goals.  

Our Algorithm

Our secret formula. We work through a process that attains your social objectives through a series of micro and macro conversions - don't forget that small wins make big results. We focus on four categories to align with the different stages of the marketing funnel:



This is where the customer journey begins. We implement our bulletproof strategies to get your name out there and your product seen by the right people, building your brand awareness.



We then move down the customer journey through to engagement. We’ve got their attention; now we need them to take action. Our cleverly curated content will promote your follower’s interactions with your feed.



This is where we move into macro-conversion. Conversion is where we convert your following into leads. Conversion is crucial to ensure ROI, but the micros can not be missed on the journey there.



Hold your horses; conversion is not the end goal. We ensure your customer continues to engage with, buy from and talk about your business with the utmost sentiment, through outstanding customer service and top-notch customer experience.

But, Why?

We strengthen your online presence to drive brand awareness, creating a digital buzz to ignite relationships, foster loyalty – and, ultimately, translate this into customers.

Why Social?

Grow & protect your reputation, build & conquer your brand awareness, retain & satisfy your customers, and increase your sales. A DIY approach to social media won’t cut it anymore if you want to get ahead of the rest. Hiring a social media agency is less about admitting you need help and more about buying yourself extra time to work on whatever it is you do best. (spoiler: not social media).

Why BoltLDN?

BoltLDN always has your best interest at heart, which is why your social media ROI is our top priority. We use data-led strategies to create & enforce bold social crusades that skyrocket your online presence and growth. With our bespoke services and your very own, dedicated account management team, you can expect a completely personalised social media agency experience.

Why Wait?

The world has changed dramatically in the past decade, and with it, the dawn of a brand new digital age. The importance of utilising online platforms for your brand is more prominent now than ever. Prospects that don’t interact with you directly on social media may still be influenced by repeat exposures to your content and messaging. Do not fall behind now - we’ve got your back.

Level Up

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Bolt Blog

As a social media agency, we have a knack for forecasting the future and staying ahead of the game. It is our duty to read and research around the clock. Think of our blogs as a creative overspill full of writings and musings encompassing all things creativity and social media. You might even learn a thing or two!

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Save For Later

These downloadable decks are our Holy Grail. Each one gives you access to the nuts and bolts behind Bolt’s brain. As well as our pitch decks, we also want to share with you some documents that we feel would be beneficial to you and your business

Not Seeing An ROI With Your Current Social Team?

If your current social media strategy is not translating into profit, then you need to download this. Here you will find our recommended solution to your problem as well as an insight into the results of our clients who utilised our data-driven strategies to target their audience and encapsulate them. This naturally results in increased ROI.


Need Experts To Nurture Your Social Media?

If you don’t have the time it takes to invest in a social media strategy that works, then you need to download this. Here you will find our recommended solution to your problem as well as an insight into the results from our clients who passed the baton onto Bolt and in doing so unlocked the potential of social media.


Social Media? I Don’t Understand it!

If you are new to the social game and don’t know where to begin for your business, then you need to download this. Here you will find our recommended solution to your problem as well as an insight into the results we garnered for our clients who we launched to market, setting them for a win from the very start.


Instagram Feed Transformations

We always preach that social media is more than just posting a pretty picture. To an untrained eye, our mock-ups may appear to be just this; however, they illustrate how expert creation, curation and optimisation work together to renovate a feed completely. We utilise multimedia content to story-tell and align a brand’s online presence as it is offline correctly.

Level Up

We’ll take care of your social media, so you don’t have to. Take advantage of our phenomenal team of creative, digital natives, and relish in the benefits that your expanding social media presence brings to you and your business.

Team Up

Are you the next creative mastermind or copywriting genius? We’re always on the hunt for fresh talent but don’t forget that adding value is the metric that most matters when it comes to moving business forward.

Stand Up

Here at BoltLDN, we’re grateful to be able to partner with Refuge to be more than just a machine in the system but a light in the world. We’d love to encourage you to join us by becoming a part of the story.