It’s a catchy headline but what’s going on beneath the surface. Economic forecasts are bleak for at least the next year as recession looms. All the experts agree that things don’t look too good. We are after all in the middle of the greatest health crisis the UK has faced in living memory.


But it pays to be wary of statistics – or at least the conclusions we can quickly derive from them. Let’s explore further.


In the 2008 recession, of course, the economy was greatly impacted for the worse. Many businesses struggled and even went under. The overarching theme was fairly dark. So too is the current economic foretelling of the coming months.


That is of course if you’re looking at the overall statistics. Because if you investigate closer you’ll find that in every recession that the stories are much more diverse. Whilst many businesses suffer, others do actually innovate and grow and others figure out still how to weather the storm and come out about the same level.


General trends don’t have to define individual outcomes – in fact, they simply never do at all.


A quick search on Google will tell you about Uber, Groupon, and even WhatsApp that were birthed in the wake of the 2008 recession.


10 – 5 will always equate to 5 but so will 10-8+3. The trends are worth paying attention to but not too much. Because who decides who rises or falls? Who gets to be a +3 or a -8? We’re our own worst critics at times but it seems there is still plenty to play for. Clearly, not everybody’s business will fail and with the proper marketing, brands may be surprised to find themselves emerging stronger than ever before.


One thing is certain though – this is the time to take control and position yourself in the market. The digital space has never been more inviting and consumers have never been more present online than today.


You need a creative and strategic approach to position yourself for the coming months and years.


There are all sorts of ways to find success in this season and we’d love to help. Reach out at [email protected] to start a conversation and take your business to the next level with a hand-crafted digital marketing strategy.