They reckon that most of our communication is non-verbal. It’s not just about what you’re saying but how you’re saying it and the body language behind it. So too is true of social media.


It’s not just about the content you post or the captions you write but there is much more to consider.


When your customers interact with you in the digital world, what is the feeling or the vibe that they are left with. So much of our attention and energy understandably goes into the products we create or the services we deliver and so often social media can just be an added extra to throw in the mix. But it’s so much more than that.


From idea creation, brand strategy, content production, writing copy to working hashtags, community management, paid ad campaigns and influencer marketing – there are so many nuanced details to take into account in working with social media to achieve tangible results.


It provides us with the power to share ideas and communicate a message like nothing human history has ever seen before.


The downside of course is that great power can easily be misused and social media done poorly can be potentially as destructive as the massive benefits of proper use.


Sometimes the results that a business may want to see aren’t transpiring because the audience is picking up on the mixed messages coming from our digital comms.


With that in mind, here are six things your social media is saying about you. It’s normally behind your back and may well surprise you.


1. The strength of your reliability


It’s not just about what is being posted. It’s also about when you post it and how often you’re posting. Consistency is key for communicating strong reliability. Without a proper schedule or plan, users are often left guessing at the type of content they will receive or when they will receive it.


Subconsciously this creates a sense of unease and undermines a brand’s reputation of reliability.


We’re looking for safety and stability more than ever before and an ad hoc, haphazard approach to social media will always leave a strange taste in the mouth.


Regular posting, whether daily or otherwise and concrete plan are key to creating rapport and relationship with your customer base.


2. The real value of your business


It’s very tempting to use social media only as an advertising platform. And of course there are tremendous possibilities here. However, when a business is solely talking about their products, services or promotions, even a loyal customer can tire.


Most people are on social media to be social. The clue is in the name of course – often we are looking to unwind or connect with friends online.


When a brand jumps in with incessant and inconsiderate advertising, it quickly communicates a lack of value or interest in the user.


Instead mix in a light splattering of promotional posts in the midst of real and genuinely value-adding touch points. Think about what your customer is thinking about or concerned with and try to connect there first to showcase your ability to add value.


3. The lasting quality of your products or services


Spelling mistakes, formatting errors, incorrect information – the list goes on. Attention to detail is essential to communicate the excellence of your products or services.


It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do – if your captions are full of ALL CAPS and your imagery heavily influenced by the days of clip art, you’re going to find that your customers’ perception of your brand is going to suffer.


It’s amazing how many founders or business owners with incredible attention to detail when it comes to products and services show such poor judgement when it comes to social. The worst part is that none of your employees will dare to tell you. Excellence is found in the details and an inconsistent sense of quality will undermine the wonder and strength of your brand.


4. The care shown towards your customers


Community management is a thing. We’re not just advertising with social media, we’re building a community of people with a common interest. That’s why it’s all about the little touches of personalisation – celebrating, applauding and rewarding the keen fans who think the world of you as well as helping answer questions and convert mildly interested users into a loyal customer base.


Replying to comments or criticisms with kindness and sensitivity is essential because it’s done in a public setting.


No response at all communicates a lack of care too. With so many factors, it’s no wonder that community management is a significant role in itself to play.


Here’s where many brands’ colours show through all too clearly. Do you genuinely care about the people you serve or are they a means to an end? Be sure that your customers know it is the former and not the latter.


5. The presence of your brand


Don’t forget of course that not all of your posts are seen by your followers. Without a carefully executed strategy, much of the content that is put out there is not seen by the people it is designed for.


There are many techniques to maximise organic reach and amplify your message to as many people as possible.


It requires fine tuning, constant input and a masterful eye.


Sometimes people aren’t engaging or buying from you, simply because they aren’t seeing your posts. In other words, your brand presence is limited.


6. The extent of your popularity


Every question that goes unanswered and every post that meets silence is communicating a lack of interest to those who look on. Without a minimum amount of genuine engagement, other followers are disinclined to engage too.


It’s much easier to join a conversation than to start one and a lack of real interaction can communicate the irrelevance of a brand. Or conversely the popularity of it.


With so many nuances and angles to consider, social media has already become a finely tuned craft by which the skillful artfully wield their own purposes and desires. BoltLDN exists to bring those qualities and services to businesses and brands. Our approach combines our practical mastery with a genuine care and appreciation for the clients we work with.


To find out more about how we could help your business or brand take off, reach out at [email protected]